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Advancing the Analytic Edge: A MicroStrategy and Northstrat Collaboration

With a continuously evolving tech world, Northstrat continues to maintain and implement innovative business intelligence and analytics solutions for a wide variety of federal agencies. Our innovative application of Business Analytics/Intelligence processes and software consolidates data from multiple disparate source systems into a single reporting interface in order to provide consistently defined, authoritative data. Northstrat involves stakeholders and end users from development to implementation, bringing about change that directly supports the mission, creates effective business processes, and aligns with strategic goals.  Often referred to as the company with the “special sauce”, Northstrat applies tailored agile methodologies to proven and trusted business intelligence applications. We deliver solutions that enable the government to take advantage of one of their most valuable and available assets – data. Northstrat leverages advanced visualizations and analytics to reach audiences of all levels – transforming the government’s raw data into meaningful and actionable information.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

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