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Northstrat is proud that we have hard-to-find expertise in some very  specialized domain areas. Though they represent smaller aspects of our  corporate offerings, these emerging capability domains nonetheless  represent critical skills not easily found or developed across the  federal marketplace.

One of our special services is Imagery Exploitation & Research.  Northstrat staff include industry recognized subject matter experts who  solve imagery, video, and geospatial problems and provide previously  unavailable capabilities and intelligence. Northstrat performs research,  analysis, and algorithm development to unravel the growing imagery  challenges facing our customers in the DoD and Intelligence Community.

Another area of expertise is Satellite On-Orbit Analysis and Payload  Integration. America’s NTM systems are costly to develop and maintain,  so maximizing their utilization is critical. A cadre of Northstrat staff  have extensive experience developing, deploying, operating, performing  anomaly resolution, and optimizing capabilities of these resources.

Specialized Services

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